WCF announces ITOs for Sochi 2014 & Sochi 2013 Test Events

The World Curling Federation has announced the names of the International Technical Officials (ITOs) who will officiate at the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia in 2014.

The following ITOs will also officiate at two test events being held in the Olympic venue in 2013: the World Wheelchair Curling Championship and the World Junior Curling Championships.

The Olympic Winter Games ITOs are as follows:

1. Chief Umpire (CU) Alan Stanfield (GBR)
2. Deputy Chief Umpire (DCU) Rae Kells (CAN)
3. Game Umpire (GU) Dianne Barker (CAN)
4. Game Umpire (GU) Donna Statzell (USA)
5. Game Umpire (GU) Dorothy Borthwick (GBR)
6. Game Umpire (GU) Wojteck Augustyniak (POL)
7. Game Umpire (GU) Anne Malcolm (GBR)
8. Game Umpire (GU) Michael Schlatter (SUI)
9. Game Umpire (GU) Ken McArton (CAN)
10. Game Umpire (GU) Dave Petursson (CAN)
11. Game Umpire (GU) Herb Kupchik (USA)
12. Chief Ice Technician (CIT) Hans Wuthrich (CAN)
13. Deputy Chief Ice Technician (DCIT) Eric Montford (CAN)
14. Deputy Chief Ice Technician (DCIT) Mark Callan (GBR)
15. Chief Timer (CT) Harold Forrester (GBR)
16. Deputy Chief Timer (DCT) Paul Smith (CAN)
17. Doping Control Officer (DCO) Dr. Evan Lloyd (GBR)
18. Chief Statistician (CS) Alexander Orlov (RUS)

Leif Ohman (SWE) and Keith Wendorf (CAN) are the official Technical Delegates (TD) for this event.

The Paralympic Winter Games ITOs are as follows:

1. Chief Umpire (CU) Linda Kirton (CAN)
2. Deputy Chief Umpire (DCU) Ian Addison (GBR)
3. Game Umpire (GU) Alan Stephen (GBR)
4. Game Umpire (GU) Donna Butler (CAN)
5. Game Umpire (GU) Anton Porotikov (RUS)
6. Game Umpire (GU) Daryl Kirton (CAN)
7. Game Umpire (GU) Michele Gower (CAN)
8. Game Umpire (GU) Young-Hee Lee (KOR)
9. Chief Ice Technician (CIT) Scott Henderson (GBR)
10. Deputy Chief Ice Technician (DCIT) Joachim Fritz (GER)
11. Chief Timer (CT) Junpyo Hong (KOR)
12. Chief Statistician (CS) Glenda Barrowman (GBR)

Eeva Roethlisberger (SUI) is the official Technical Delegate (TD) for the event. The Assistant Technical Delegate (TD) will be Allen Colliban (ROM).

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